Questionable: The Bulletproof Clipboard

April 14, 2011


This is a 3-pound, $45 bulletproof clipboard from ThinkGeek. It's questionable for a number of reasons. 1) nobody but the lady administering my driving test uses a clipboard anymore and even she knows a bulletproof version isn't do her any good because I threatened to stab her after failing me for the third time. 2) just because something is bulletproof doesn't mean it's going to actually stop a bullet. You'd still have to be strong enough to hold the board straight so the bullet doesn't glance off and put a hole in that pretty face of yours. Case in point: hold up a hand. *TIGER-PUNCH!* See? That hand might have stood a chance of blocking if you weren't such a weakling. Wow, did you just get a cast removed or something? The hair on your arm looks really dark. Lemme licky or I'll cut ya.

Hit the jump for a video of the board being tested plus bonus (if you can call it that) cheese-whiz action movie scene.

ThinkGeek Product Site
You never know when you'll need a bulletproof clipboard [dvice]

Thanks to Daniel, who rocks a bulletproof fannypack that can only stop bullets shot from the hip.

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