Productivity Is Down: Play World's Largest Game Of Pac-Man In Your Internet Browser

April 15, 2011


Want to play thousands of user-created levels in the world's largest game of Pac-Man? Well now you can thanks to Designed by Soap Creative to show off the capabilities of HTML5 and tout Internet Explorer 9, I just played the shit out of it in Firefox with no issues. Feeling creative? No problem -- there's even an editing tool so you can add your own penis-shaped level to the mix. Mine looks like it's shooting power pellets! #Winning

WorldBiggestPacMan (go piss the rest of the day away)
This is the World's Biggest Pac-Man Game [kotaku]

Thanks to Ben, who's afraid to play because he's been saving himself for the world's largest version of Bubble Bobble. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE?!

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