Princess Peach Taking It Off For Dip In Pool

April 29, 2011


Note: Uncensored version after the jump. Full-res uncensored version HERE, pervert.

This is a picture by digital artist Bjørnar Frøyse (pronounced boner-freeze) of Princess Peach taking it off before a dip in the kiddy pool. *donning Mario's frog-suit*Consider this my royal wedding post.

An image made for a competition at a large LAN party in Norway. The crowd consists of a lot of 16 year old geeks, so I decided to cater to the masses.

All of the 3D elements are made with Blender. Post processing (color correction, lighting effects) was done in Photoshop due to Blender's compositing nodes taking too long to render at the desired resolution.

Good lookin', Bjørnar. I censored the picture on the front page on account of side-boob, which, I don't know about you, but is actually my least favorite part of the boob. I like the nipple area, that's my jam.

Uncensored version after the jump.


Barely Regal, Bjørnar Frøyse [cgtalk]
Princess Peach, The 16 Year-Old Fantasy [kotaku]

Thanks to James, toad (who's actually seen her naked before) and varagas, who are printed out copies to hang in their garages by the tool-chest.

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