Pretty F'in Iffy: DIY Homemade Superpowers

April 6, 2011


These are three picture tutorials for making your own homemade superhero/villain accessories. This one's Cyclops' laser vision, but there's Magneto's bucket-helmet and Wolverine's claws after the jump. While admittedly impressive, I've always fancied myself more of a Dazzler. A Bedazzler! *showin' off mom-butt in rhinestone jeans* Just kidding, I'm not actually a Bedazzler. Bedwhizzler, absolutely. "Pissing the bed's not a superpower." WELL WHAT THE HELL IS IT THEN?! "Pathetic." Superpowthetic? "No." What if I told you I also get a lot of bloody noses?

Hit the jump for Magneto and Wolverine.



Vó Maria's Flickr
DIY Cyclops Of The Day []

Thanks to Charles, who bathes in Rogaine and crushed blueberries hoping to become The Beast. Keep it up, I bet it'll happen!

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