Perfect Ice Balls, Everytime: The Ice Ball Mold

April 7, 2011


Remember that company that was selling perfectly round ice spheres for $8 a pop? Turns out they might have just been cranking them out with this Ice Ball Mold (55mm - 85mm models range from $1,300 - $2,000 -- chintzy marble-sized 30mm mold goes for $200). But now the secret (read: product) is out and you can make them yourself! ICE BALLS -- ICE BALLS! Please note: Ice balls are not to be confused with blue balls, which are free and I'm sure you're all too familiar with. Hoho -- BURNED IN A POST ABOUT ICE!

The biggest secret of niche Japanese bars is finally making its way out to the rest of the world. Ice Ball Mold from Japan allows you to make perfectly seamless ice spheres in seconds, cooling alcohol while not diluting it due to the reduced surface area of the sphere.

Plus, even the act of making the sphere grabs attention from all around the bar as the mold presses together without electricity or heat, and makes a perfect shape for a drink "on the rock".

Wait a minute -- without electricity or heat? THEN HOW THE F*** DOES IT WORK?! "They trap an elemental ice spirit in every mold."
Okay I can't tell if you're bullshitting or not but I believe you.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a worthwhile video of the mold in action.




Official Site
Purchase Site
Ice ball mold machine [wimp]

Thanks to Cobee, who claims he knows the white witch and has actually seen her piss an ice sculpture before. Uh, Cobee -- why were you watching?

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