Not Just For Nut Bread: Banana Carving Art

April 11, 2011


Some artists paint. Some artists sculpt. This guy carves really ripe bananas. Me? I knead titties like pizza dough. Now I know what you're thinking, "Wow, he truly is a modern Renaissance man!" And it's true, I am (plus ninja). I've also been known to doodle one hell of a fat ass on the back of a bar napkin. "HA -- there is no back to a bar napkin, drunk." YOU SHUT UP. The places I go are so fancy they have things written on one side in ink. "That was your tab, you were getting kicked out for trying to drink an ashtray." I TOLD YOU -- IT LOOKED LIKE A SHOOTER!

Hit the jump for several more of the mushy goodness (including a zombie and Davy Jones!)




Artist's Profile on some site I couldn't understand
OMG These Geeky Banana Sculptures are Bananas! [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Mark, who winces and crosses his legs to protect his own fruit whenever he hears anybody talking about carving up a banana.

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