New Aerodynamic Rail Gun Projectile Blows Through Steel Plate, Continues For 4-Miles

April 19, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like my favorite buttplug *checking sock drawer* whew, a General Atomics employee showcases the latest aerodynamic projectile to be shot by their 'Blitzer' railgun. And speaking of Blitzers -- get me one with the ground up Heath bar and Oreos on your way over. "Dammit GW -- Blitzer, NOT Blizzard". SONOFA! Well at least pick up some fro-yo.

GA's got a new, super aerodynamic dart for it that can travel four miles downrange after being fired at zero elevation and blowing through a 1/8" steel plate.

In previous tests, the railgun had been using rounds shaped kinda like bricks. And ultimately, the rounds behaved like bricks too, tumbling out of control at Mach 6. The new round from Boeing is streamlined and mean looking, and if it can make it seven kilometers when fired at zero elevation, it's easy to imagine a 150 mile range in operation.

Shooting projectiles shaped like bricks -- WTF?! That sounds like the worst idea ever. Unless you're trying to build a house from like five miles away, in which case it doesn't sound like the worst idea, it just sounds like you hired the world's laziest contractor. What the...THERE'S A FIREPLACE WHERE THE DOOR'S SUPPOSED TO BE!

Hit the jump for a video demonstration of the 1-mile per second projectile.

Video: railgun round goes 4 mi after punching through steel plate [dvice]

Thanks to Greg, who claims he railed a gun once. DAMMIT GREG YOU KINKY AS A MAN WITH A NERF GUN IN HIS BUTTHOLE.

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