Navy's Latest Pew Pew Laser Gun Succesfully Sets Dinghy Ablaze In Real-Life Test Scenario

April 11, 2011


A recent test of the Navy's latest laser weapon system proved it could successfully set fire to a moving boat's engines in a real-life environment, effectively incapacitating the vessel and making boarding/plundering a breeze. *flipping down eyepatch* YAAAARR!

"We were able to have a destructive effect on a high-speed cruising target," chief of Naval research Rear Adm. Nevin Carr told

The test occurred Wednesday near San Nicholas Island, off the coast of Central California in the Pacific Ocean test range, from a laser gun mounted onto the deck of the Navy's self-defense test ship, former USS Paul Foster

In a video of the event, the small boat can be seen catching fire and ultimately bursting into flames, a conflagration caused by the navy's distant gun. Some details of the event were classified, including the exact range of the shot, but Carr could provide some information: "We're talking miles, not yards," Carr said.

FROM MILES?! Holy smokes. This is a lot more serious than I had originally anticipated. Sooooooo -- what's the ruling on waving my arm around in front of the beam? Bet you I can go five seconds!
Okay we might want to fish that out before it starts attracting sharks.

Hit the jump for a short video of the laser-fire in action.

Navy Shows Off Powerful New Laser Weapon [foxnews]

Thanks to Matt, who's scared to even travel by sea because he's seen Titanic way too many times. Oh come on -- YOU'VE GOTTA BE OPEN TO FINDING LOVE, MAN!

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