Mini Crossbow, Mega Funbow: Homemade Pint-Sized Crossbow Packs A Punch

April 18, 2011


It doesn't actually pack punches -- it packs little crossbow bolts. It may still pack lunches though, or it may steal other peoples' out of the fridge in the breakroom. I know I'm not about to confront a little crossbow about a missing 6" tuna-melt! The very impressive firearm was made by the same guy who made this mini-cannon, and is fabricated from silver, gold and stainless steel. It shoots needle-point darts (capable of popping balloons), blunt-tipped darts (capable of breaking dinner plates) and flaming-firework darts (capable of setting a paper target on fire), all of which he demonstrates in the video after the jump. Unfortunately, he didn't shoot himself in the leg, which is how a real man demonstrates a new weapon. "You just shot yourself with a homemade ninja-star slingshot, didn't you, GW?" Haha, no -- WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR, SOME KIND OF CLUMSY call an amberlamps.

Hit the jump for two-minutes of impressive mini-pews.

This Is A Mini Crossbow Made Of Gold [crunchgear]

Thanks to Evil Ares and Rebecca, who want to know if it can shoot mini-love darts stolen from Cupid because they're both head-over-heels for Smurfs.

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