Pixelated Privates: Custom 8-Bit Pantyhose

April 4, 2011


These are 8-bit pantyhose. Despite breaking out my magnifying glass (this monitor's just a bunch of colored dots!!!!!!11), I can't tell if they're real or not (I think they're black printed on white though). Oooooor they're just Photoshopped. Whichever the case, Mario just popped a raging rectangular boner about them. What do you know -- I guess dreams really do come true! Unfortunately, mine was the one about waking up with a spider in my mouth.

8-bit pantyhose [sogeekchic]

Thanks to Sarah, who rocks 16-bit pantyhose. Damn, fancy pants! Or should I say, fancy pantyhoses? Nothing -- just keep my big mouth shut? Sorry.

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