Mario Double Feature!: A Mario/Portal Mashup And Mario 3's Music Played Acoustically

April 28, 2011


Mario videos -- everybody loves them, right? "I hate them." YOU SHUT UP -- I HATE YOUR FACE. The first (short) video is of the original Super Mario being played with Portal technology. The second (longer) video is a speed-run of Super Mario 3 with all the music played via "real-time jazz accompaniment". The third video, which I thankfully caught and deleted prior to posting, was a sessy webcam video of me I didn't realize I'd recorded. Trust me, leaving it up would brought the entire site down in an intense flash of pure, unbridled sensuality. Oooooooor me digging between couch looking cushions for a snack. Read: I found and ate a furry Gusher. "You nasty." Still had its juice in it, just sayin'.

Hit the jump for the videos.

Mario Meets Portal 2 [dorkly]

Thanks to Chaemelion, Seth and dubstep dave, who all claim to have seen a Mario-Princess Peach sex tape but it was all shot in nightvision so it looks like Luigi.

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