Man Tries Robbing Convenience Store With Playstation Controller, Unsurprisingly Fails

April 22, 2011


Picture sadly unrelated: it was a regular-ass controller.

A Florida man was arrested after attempting to rob a convenience store by pretending the Playstation controller in his pocket was a gun. *facepalm* You didn't even have the wherewithal to use A NES Zapper?!

He was arrested by a police officer who walked into the store in the middle of the robbery, police said.

Pittman was suspected in an earlier robbery at a Subway restaurant. Police received a tip that Pittman might have been at the store, and so when the officer went inside, he caught Pittman in the middle of the act, police said.

Police said Pittman dropped the remote and gave up.

He is facing charges of strong-arm robbery and violation of probation.

First of all, who the f*** robs a Subway? Secondly, who the f*** robs anything with a Playstation controller? There are at least two-hundred other things in my apartment I'd use as a surrogate firearm before grabbing my Playstation controller (Wiimote included). And not just because I'd be shit out of luck at Mass Effect 2 if something happens to it while I was out, but I'm gonna see some alien titties if its the last thing I do. Fine -- third to last thing I do (pop boner, have heart attack).

Police: Man tried to rob store with game remote [baynews9]

Thanks to Bradley B, who once tried robbing a convenience store with telepathy but it worked so poorly he ended up paying for his chips & drink and leaving.

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