Man In Dino Costume Shows Up At Australian School To Frighten $#!7 Out Of Children

April 14, 2011


This is a short video of a guy wearing one of those ultra-realistic 'Walking with Dinosaurs' t-rex suits and running around an Australian schoolyard trying to make kids tar their pits pants. Most of the children run in terror, but I spotted at least a couple future dino-lovers in the crowd. Personally, I would have mounted that thing like a rodeo bull and ridden it for the full 8-seconds -- then another 30 until I was finished. "Finished what?" *wink* "FINISHED WHAT?!" *raising the roof*

Hit the jump for 1:30 of 'please tell me you do private parties'.


Thanks to Enormosaurus, Jim, peanut, Shenanigans and Jonathan, who used to have imaginary dinosaur friends that sat with them at lunch to help protect their desserts from bullies. Daaaaaaaaaw.

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