Making Fire-Fighting Fun Again: Japanese Throwable Fire Extinguishers

April 12, 2011


SAT 119 Fire Extinguishers may look like purple drank, but they're actually throwable containers filled with fire-fighting chemicals (or microscopic water-wizards). No word if they're drinkable too, but if they're anything like antifreeze, only in moderation.

You huck it at a fire, and the shell, made of fragile plastic, breaks, unleashing both a fire-extinguishing liquid agents, and chemicals that mix to release carbon dioxide and ammonia, which force out the oxygen and smother the flames.

Boom, simple as that. So simple, in fact, there's a video demonstration after the jump showing a wheelchair-bound man throwing one. Granted he misses and somebody else has to step in and chuck one to actually put out the fire, but still -- it's the effort that counts. Except in fires, in which case it's actually putting the fire out that counts.

Hit the jump for a one-minute demo (wheelchair firefighting fail at 0:50).

04.11.11 Japan Made a Throwable Fire Extinguisher? [gammasquad]

Thanks to Derek, who extinguishes fires the old fashioned way: running back and forth from the well with a wooden bucket. What, uh, what's your success rate with that? "0 for 5". Not bad!

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