Mac People Vs. PC People, The Infographic

April 25, 2011


Note: That tiny-ass picture looks like complete ass and is by no means the whole graphic, click HERE to see the whole thing, get your learn on, then fight in the comments like big babies.

This is an informational graphic comparing and contrasting self-proclaimed Mac and PC people. Me? I don't consider myself either. I like to sit on the fence if you know what I mean. I mean I like the feeling of a spiky fence post pressed precariously against my b-hole. Something about the thrill of danger. Like masturbating on a motorcycle, which I also do. "Your roommate's while it's parked in the garage?" HEY IT COULD TIP OVER. Those things are heavy and I have little chicken legs. I'm talking the ones they switch to on 25¢ wing night so it's not such a great deal anymore BUT STILL CHARGE YOU EXTRA FOR BLEU CHEESE AND CELERY. That's it, I'm taking a stand! I kid -- this fence post is feelin' way too good between my asscheeks.

Mac vs. PC: A Hunch Rematch [hunch]

Thanks to Amanda, who fancies herself more of a Commodore person. Dmn u olschoo gur.

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