Lock The Door, Bomb The Building: Humanoid Robots Now Holding Their Own Meetings

April 6, 2011


Seen here with their human doppelgangers (standing), a group of Geminoid robots telepathically plot the deaths of their caretakers so they can take over their lives and herald the rise of the machines. I don't know about you, but I, for one, do NOT welcome our new robotic overlords. I do welcome constructive criticism though. *email ding* Oh -- here's one now. "Keep gobblin' those dongs, homo." Awesome, I think I can really use this to better my writing. Oooooooor pull the sheets over my head and sob into a pillow for the rest of the afternoon (it's one of those days).

Hit the jump for a two-minute sneak peek of the 2028 UN Convention on Climate Change.

The Geminoid Summit Now This is Creepy [getitbyte]

Thanks to robot sax (WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!) and Carlos, who agree there's never been a better time to invest in a pair of humanoid-detecting sunglasses.

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