Jealous Prius Is Jealous: Chevy Volt Owners Averaging 1,000 Miles Between Fill-Ups

April 13, 2011


The Chevy Volt, which was originally conceptualized to look like this, but ended up looking like something your aunt would drive, has officially sold over 1,000 models, and is now starting to receive some impressive feedback from consumers, including an average of over 1,000-miles driven between fill-ups.

The Volt comes with a plug-in battery that has a range of up to 35 miles, plus a nine gallon gas tank that can add another 344 miles through a small engine. According to the EPA, if you run the Volt on electricity only you'll get the equivalent of 93 miles per gallon, whereas if you run the Volt on gas only (not like you would) you'd get 37 miles per gallon.

The number [1,00-miles between fill-ups] suggests that the majority of Volt owners are taking substantial advantage of the Volt's all-electric mode, which is good news, 'cause there was some amount of concern that with a range of only 35 miles, you'd end up having to rely a lot more on the gas engine, which would partially negate the whole point of having a plug-in hybrid in the first place.

Not bad! Unfortunately, now all you Slim-Jim and Big Gulp-loving Volt drivers are going to have to find another excuse to swing by 7-11 for a snack. I suggest one of those hotdogs on the metal rollers. MY GOD THOSE THINGS CAN BE GOOD. Or give you the runs. 50/50 I shit my car seat on the way home.

GM: Volt drivers getting 1,000 miles per tank [dvice]

Thank to Peter Pandapper, who may or may yes just be a boy pretending to be an adult by wearing a top hat and monocle. THE TIGHTS GAVE IT AWAY, BRO.

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