It Is Your Constitutional Right As A New Yorker To View Computer Pr0n At Public Libraries

April 25, 2011


Playground?! That's a bathtub if I've ever seen one!

Brought to light by the recent story of a woman who felt uncomfortable after discovering the old man next to her was watching a "threesome" (complete with speaker audio -- no headphones for this geezer!) at a computer terminal next to her at the library, the New York Public library system has reiterated their statement that watching naked people play snake-in-the-hole at library terminals is protected under the 1st Amendment. GOD BLESS AMEEEEEEERICA! Wait.

Library patron Daisy Nazario, 60, said she was grossed out when she discovered she was sitting next to an elderly porn watcher in the Brooklyn Central Library recently.

The looker was using library-provided extensions on the sides of his computer to block the view of his screen -- which was featuring a threesome at the time -- "but I could still hear the voices," a disgusted Nazario said.

"It is very disrespectful to the children."

Disrespectful -- or scarring for life? Because I'm 29 and I can say FOR A FACT that catching an old man watching 'Dentured Debutantes' or 'What's Cookin' In Gramma's Ass' at the library will completely and utterly destroy my entire world.

Pornography Is Protected Speech At New York Public Libraries [npr]
Feel free to watch internet porn at the library [uproxx]

Thanks to Erica and The Superficial Writer, who both agree porn is best watched with as few people around as possible buttered popcorn.

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