I'm Glad I Didn't Know: What's Really At The Bottom Of Those Pits In Super Mario Bros.

April 12, 2011


Note: Full-res version HERE for a little more clarity. And speaking of clarity -- I had a moment of one in the hospital yesterday watching Maury. THAT BITCH WAS LYIN'!

I'm not even sure WTF I'm looking at but if I had to guess it's...my wiener wrapped in a roll of gauze to look like a little mummy. "FOCUS GW -- STAY ON THE POST!" Sorry, I'm trying, I really am. This is artist Dash Coleman's concept of what's waiting for everyone's favorite (non-chintzy porno) plumber at the bottom of every one of those pits. A giant pile of f***ing frightening, that's what. Which reminds me -- have I ever told you about the time I was tired of my brother's turn taking so long and got him to swim down one of the pits in a water level by convincing him it was a warp zone? He beat me in the back of the head with his controller so hard I thought my eyeballs were gonna pop out!

Bonus 'video game/sci-fi characters as Pac-Man ghosts' poster by Dash HERE.

Dash's Flickr Gallery
The Pit, What Really Happens After Mario Falls Through a Hole [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Sally, who once bet a friend $30 they wouldn't jump into a pit of her choice while blindfolded. Ha, what'd you choose -- mosh? "Viper." I like your style.

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