I'll Believe It When I See Wii It: New PS3/XBox Crushing Nintendo Dropping Next Year?

April 15, 2011


According to a bunch of industry 'insiders' who are allegedly in the know (but more than likely just lying to impress their favorite video game blogs), a new, ultra-powerful HD Nintendo console will be revealed at the E3 event in June, moving the company out of the stone age and into the copper one. Coppers?! QUICK, FLUSH ALL THE WEED!

The news, first reported by Game Informer who cited anonymous sources in their report today, confirms rumors that have been swirling for months in the wake of slowing game releases from Nintendo.

Furthermore, we've heard that the machine will be more powerful than current-gen systems, meaning Nintendo, currently backing a Wii that is weaker in horsepower than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will be showing a new console that is more powerful than those current competitors.

Update: Nintendo responded to our inquiry with a standard "Nintendo does not comment on rumor or speculation".

That's just like you, Nintendo -- never commenting on rumors or speculation. Where's the fun in that? You should really spread a little hearsay every once in awhile, it really does a body good (chocolate milk too). Plus -- PLUS -- helps keeps people interested. Here, I'll get you started: Yoshi is actually Princess Peach and Bowser's lovechild! It's true, Boo told me. He was there -- as Bowser's condom. Get it? Because ghosts don't exist!

New Nintendo Console Debuting At E3 This June, Launching In 2012, More Powerful Than Xbox 360 and PS3 [kotaku]

Thanks to Mark, tequila (OH YOU WOULD TEMPT ME LIKE THAT!) and Danielle, who aren't holding their breath. *thump* I take that back -- looks like Mark was after all.

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