I'd Hit It: Peacock Spider's Mating Dance

April 19, 2011



Seen here looking like something straight out of a sci-fi video game boss battle, a peacock spider struts that azz for a female with the hopes of makin' sweet, eight-legged love to her booty back body segment. Allegedly this is the first time the mating ritual of the peacock spider has ever been caught on film, which is surprising considered the renewed interest in the Spiderman franchise. The video's kind of long though, so you may want to skip to after the 2:45 mark for the real fun to begin. It's pretty steamy to say the least. I got aroused to say a little more. I just stuck my penis in a cobweb with the hopes of attracting a mate to say too much. Oh -- here comes Charlotte now!
...Aaaaaaaand I got rejected for a moth. WHAT WAS IT, THE SMELL? Dammit, I demand a web-written answer by morning. *frying bacon* Smell that? Wilbur, bitch.

Hit the jump for over 6-minutes of Spiderman fetish film.

Early Bird Special [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Cindy, who managed to send this tip despite a serious fear of spiders. Way to fight the fear, Cindy, I'm proud of you. There is one in your hair though.

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