I Would 100% Wear That: Officially Licensed Luke Skywalker And Medal Of Yavin Jacket

April 21, 2011


This is an officially licensed Luke Skywalker jacket just like the one he wore when collecting his Medal of Yavin (the most distinguished medal of the Alliance) at the end of A New Hope after blowing up the Death Star and saving the galaxy or whatever. It looks mad fresh. And for $132 (regularly $275!!) it damn well better be. I can get eight whole outfits from the thrift store for that. *whispering* Yes, plus scabies. You know what they say -- what doesn't kill you makes you itchy as a witch's snatch. Which, no lie -- it actually feels like there's worms crawls under my skin. Almost like those Ceti Eels from 'The Wrath of Khan'. Oh shit, referencing Star Trek in a post about Star Wars -- somebody spank me! HAHA -- superglue.

Amazon Product Site (let's all get one and meet up somewhere!)

Thanks to jediGK, who already has ten Medals of Yavin for bravery in the face of danger and like three for eating contests.

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