How To: Pretend Like You're A L337 Haxor

April 28, 2011


Simple, you just go to, change the custom parameters however see fit, then wait for somebody to start watching over your shoulder. When they do, start pounding away on your keyboard like a child throwing a temper-tantrum, and, PRESTO, lines of code out the ass! Then they'll be all "whoa bro, is this...The Matrix?" Just kidding, they'll probably be all, "hackertype? SEEN IT." Then you'll look stupid. And not just because after patting you on a back they left a 'KICK ME' sign, but it's still there and I am going to pretend like you're clenching a football between your buttcheeks.

Thanks to Anders and wingnut, who actually are L337 haxors and agree the Playstation attack was likely an attempt to steal my trophies. OH GOD NOT MY PLATINUMS!

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