Holy Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: 600MPH Ejection Seat Test

April 7, 2011


To verify the ejection system for the F-35 Lightning (first supersonic jet capable of vertical takeoff and landing) is shit-your-flightsuit ready, BAE has been testing the system on a 600MPH rocket sled. What the?! We didn't even have rocket sleds when I was growing up. When it snowed we roder down the hill behind my house on broken lawn chairs and boxes AND WERE THANKFUL. Kids these days -- I swear (like a pirate).

The new ejection system includes a seat with a rocket pack underneath, plus an "emergency transparency removal and structural severance system," which is a small explosive designed to blow apart the aircraft's canopy to clear a path for the pilot. A mere three seconds after the ejection handle is pulled, the pilot finds him or herself safely away from the plane and descending to Earth by parachute.

Now I'm not saying I have balls of steel (they're a titanium alloy), but I would ride that thing without a seatbelt. The manliest man ever or the manliest man ever? "Try stupidest." Stupidest manliest man ever? I can live with that. *snake-charming angry cobras with my pecker*

Hit the jump for a super-short (it's 600MPH!) video of a test in progress.

F-35 rocket sled ejection test is the ultimate thrill ride [dvice]

Thanks to Dave, who once jumped out of a helicopter with a backpack instead of a parachute. Fine -- FINE -- you can be the second stupidest manliest man ever.

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