Hoarder!: Junky Computer Parts Coffee Table

April 6, 2011


Note: Worthwhile full-res shots HERE for all you junk fetishists.

This is the Binary Low Table from BRC Designs. If it looks like a bunch of crappy old computer parts hot-glued to a coffee table, congratulations, your vision's 20/20. If it looks like something you'd actually want around your house, congratulations -- you're a f***ing hoarder.

Inspired by pallets of obsolete computers and electronics that were collecting dust in a local warehouse. The table structure is made from the metal from computer towers that are riveted together and bent to the proper form. The surface is completely covered with a collage of motherboards, computer chips, led screens and hard drive disks held in place by sheet metal screws. The glass from the table was salvaged from an abandoned warehouse.

Oh man, if there's one thing I love it's a coffee table that, every time you accidentally kick, pieces go flying off. The vacuum is gonna love all those little parts! Kidding, I don't even own a real vacuum. Ever seen a dog shit transistors?

Hit the jump for one more small closeup in case you gave up clicking high-res links for Lent.


BRC Designs
Snaggly table made out of computer junk [boingboing]

Thanks to Darknut (yes!), who built a coffee table out of old video game consoles but regretted it as soon as he wanted to play some Genesis.

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