Gunbrella Giveaway's Weatherproof Winners

April 16, 2011


And the winners of the Gunbrella Weather Weaponry give-away are *drumroll please* -- comment #'s 738 (El Josh-O), 768 (Deanna Waldron) and 2262 (Ryan B.). Damn, looks like it was a great contest to be a commenter in the 700's! (Specifically, 738 or 768) Thank you all for playing, look forward to more contests in the future. And if you didn't win but really wanted to, cheer up. After all, rain is just mother nature's way of saying 'WET T-SHIRT CONTEST -- TITS OR GTFO!' "Riiiiiight, I'm pretty sure mother nature would never say that." Like hell she wouldn't, that lady's a free spirit if I've ever seen one! Doesn't even wear a bra. (I peeped a green nip down her shirt sleeve once).

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