Growing Weed Indoors Not So Green After All, Responsible For 1% Of All US Electricity Use

April 15, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously absolutely nothing like my basement, indoor weed growing ops like this one are estimated to be responsible for 1% of all US energy consumption -- around $5-billion a year. Which, for the record, I would never pay for an ounce. Not even one grown in Eden from Adam's seed.

While 1% may not seem like a lot, the report claims that smoking one single Cannabis joint is equivalent to running a 100-watt light bulb for 17 hours. That Cannabis cigarette carries two pounds of CO2 emissions.

According to the report:

Each four-by-four-foot production module doubles the electricity use of an average U.S. home and triples that of an average California home. The added electricity use is equivalent to running about 30 refrigerators. Processed Cannabis results in 3000-times its weight in emissions. For off-grid production, it requires 70 gallons of diesel fuel to produce one indoor Cannabis plant, or 140 gallons with smaller, less-efficient gasoline generators.

I didn't actually bother reading any of that because I'm high and thinking about mother nature depresses the shit out of me, so I'm just going to assume it said water bongs are the way to go. *blublububublubulubulub* Science!

Marijuana Carbon Footprint: Indoor Pot Production Uses 1 Percent Of U.S. Electricity, Study Says [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to DrDank, who doesn't listen to studies, only jam-bands.

  • LEDs do provide plants with the correct light color, and they do this very well, probably better than hps or metal halide. This is great but only half of what a plant needs... the other half being light intensity

  • Growing indoor weeds is not so green as it consume 1% of light which might be risky. It is necessary for a person to make the use of LED grow light as for the the proper growth of weeds and also to cut down your electricity bills. LED grow light produce less heat and also result in saving energy.

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