Geekologie: Now With More (Read: Any At All) On-Site Facebook And Twitter Integration

April 7, 2011


4.6-billion years in the making (I like to start at the beginning), Geekologie now has Facebook and Twitter buttons on every post so you can share the site's awesomeness while minimizing clicks. "Three clicks and a copy/paste? THAT'S SOME CARPAL TUNNEL KINDA SHIT!" So yeah, start using those. Trust me, all the friends you expose to Geekologie will be impressed and think you're cool. Oooooooor some kinda wierdo. It's all good though because chicks dig weirdos. "No, we actually don't." OMG -- I'VE BEEN DOINITALLRONG.

Geekologie on Facebook
Geekologie on Twitter

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