Geek Love: Mario Themed Wedding Proposal

April 22, 2011


This is a video of a guy proposing to his Mario-loving girlfriend. He decked out his living room to resemble the Mushroom Kingdom, and even had her knock the engagement ring "out" of a question block with her head. Good lookin', guys -- you've just given hope to thousands of lady-less male readers that, some day, even they might find a gamer girl who loves them. Granted she's probably not gonna be pretty, but still. They have unrealistic expectations anyways because they watch waaaaaay too much porno. NO GIRL IS GONNA LET YOU DO THAT TO HER. Not one worth bringing home to your mom anyways. I kid, I kid -- the kinkier the better. Me? I'm into toothfairy cosplay. "What's toothfairy cosplay?" Getting drunk enough to let my girlfriend chip one of my teeth out and leave a single in my ass. "Aaaah, where I come from we call that the 'dirty dental technician'. WHERE THE F*** ARE YOU FROM BECAUSE I WAS JOKING.

Hit the jump for the video. Bonus fireworks after she says yes!


Thanks to rodney and Amanda, who both opted for shotgun weddings. Always considering the possibility of a zombie apocalypse -- I like your style.

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