For The Ladies (But Actually For The Mens): Sessy Superhero Character Pajamas

April 19, 2011


Spencer's Gifts, a company best known for selling me over $30 worth of novelty condoms when I was 13 in a bid to impress my friends in middle school, is now hocking these sexy superhero pajamas for the ladies. Each set (which includes a top and some sort of futuristic anti camel-toe bottom) costs $25 and come in She-Hulk, Spider-Girl, Black Widow, Captain (Miss) America and Emma Frost. "What, no Batman?" Haha -- I knew it! "BATGIRL, I MEANT BATGIRL!" Too late, now you have to touch my privates!

Hit the jump for the other four and a link to Spencer's, which, honestly, I didn't know made it into the 2000's (Hot Topic FTW!).





Spencers Product Site (with bonus scroll-over zoom ass-shots if you're a pervert!)
Sexy PJs of the Day []

Thanks to Erika, who knows just what to wear to get her man excited: a clown suit. What in the...I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA SAY 'NOTHING'!

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