Finally: An iPhone Case With Condom Holder

April 18, 2011


The JustinCase (I see what you did there, I'm JustinOtsure how I feel about it) is an iPhone case with a special slide compartment made for a single, ultra-thin condom. Because if there's one thing an Apple fanboy needs, it's a single, ultra-thin condom. HIYO, skinny wieners joke! "But I thought you had an iPhone." Yeah I do, but I'm not a fanboy. Got an ultra-thick johnson over here. Wider than it is long -- like a tuna can. Actually, exactly like a tuna can. Plus dolphin friendly. Isn't that right, Kraken? *meow* UGH -- WAY TO BLOW UP MY SPOT! This is about that time I accidentally crushed you and the balls under the toilet seat, isn't it? I said I was sorry! Well, technically it was "F*** F*** F*** HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT OMG I'M GONNA PASS OUT," but still.

iPhone Case Fight for Safe Sex [yankodesign]
Condom holding iPhone case; because even phone sex should be safe [dvice]

Thanks to tank, who just blows up or rolls over anything in his way. Well that's certainly one way to do it (I usually just honk and wave my fist).

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