Even Heating: Roastie The Lil Round Toaster

April 27, 2011


Personally, I'm happy just as long as the bread's not moldy, I've never really had a problem with toasters. But apparently a lot of people really struggle with them. Dummies. The Roastie Toaster features a ring of heating elements around its spherical exterior for even bread heating every time. Unfortunately, it only heats a single piece at a time, making it only useful for fold-overs and sadness. Still, it does look like a hamster ball, so that's something... Something I might have just put Hammy in because I haven't had my coffee yet! SONOFA -- I thought I smelled burnt fur but I'd also just busted ass!

Hit the jump for one more shot.


Designer's Site
Roastie Toaster Concept Allows For Perfect Toasting - Sadly Only One Slice At A Time Though [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Shannon, who heats bread the old fashioned way: over a fire. Do you, uh, do you live outside?

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