Erasing CD's With High Current Electricity

April 19, 2011


This is a guy erasing CD's by stripping the reflective aluminum layer off with high current electricity. It's officially my new favorite way to destroy sensitive material on disc. Definitely beats bending them until they shatter! Using them as clay plastic pigeons for shotgun practice isn't bad but you have to be a good shot. I'm not, which is why I saw several undamaged discs roll down the hill, where a squirrel was gathering them and stashing them in a rotting log. Which -- if those pictures of my privates wind up online I know who to blame! Probably somebody who spotted my singles ad. What?! I'm direct! But not picky. Wanted: somebody not disgusted with what they just saw.

Hit the jump for two 1-minute videos of the data-stripping in action. YOW YOW, TAKE IT OFF 0101011100101!!

Erase a CD like a boss [engadget]

Thanks to Michal and Ross, who still erase CD's the old fashioned way: mistakenly taping over cassettes with the radio. Accidental mix-tapes FTW!

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