Eh: Windows 8 Leaked, Can Run Off Zip Drive

April 15, 2011


OH MAN, WHO'S AS EXCITED ABOUT WINDOWS 8 AS I AM?! If you answered, "go f*** yourself" and picked up something to throw it at me, you might be! And now an early beta of the operating system has been leaked! Plus it can run off of a 16GB flash drive! The future is now! Who gives a shit?! Not me -- you? "I couldn't even muster a wet fart in a jacuzzi." Damn, you nasty.

UPDATE: Apparently leak is of a crappy, outdated build of the OS from September 2010, making an uninteresting post about an uninteresting topic even less interesting. You're f***in' killing it, Microsoft! "You too, GW!" Ouch. WORDS HURT.

Windows 8 runs off a USB flash drive [ubergizmo]
About that Windows 8 Milestone 1 leak ... [zdnet]

Thanks to Clarence, who doesn't leak anything but urine, and only when he gets really excited. Hey -- it happens to the best of us. Kidding bro, invest in some rubber bands.

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