Dual-Flavor Slurpee Cups With Valved Straw

April 22, 2011


Because variety is the spice of life (sometimes I have a hotdog AND cheeseburger for lunch), 7-11 is launching a dual-chambered Slurpee cup in June so you can suck two flavors at once. But that's not all! There will also be straws available with a valve inside so you have the option to drink from only one side, the other, or mix the two in your own personal Blue Raspberry to Coke ratio. Holy shit! Couple that with a 7-11 Big Bite and a couple taquitos and this chubby bubby is one happy puppy! I don't f*** with their hot wings though, they give me diarrhea. And not the good, cathartic kind either -- the bad kind that doesn't even have the decency to wait until you get home. I've shat in two friends' cars -- it's true! (I'll try anything twice)

Combo Slurpee Offers Latest in Slurpee Technology [technabob]

Thanks to martin78, who watched as a little fat kid took five-minutes to tap down a Slurpee to get the most in the cup while he patiently waited his turn, only to see chubs drop the damn thing on the sidewalk right after leaving. OH SWEET VINDICATION!

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