Drinkin' & Drivin': The Octane 120 Beer Arcade

April 19, 2011


Note: Full-res shot of the system HERE in case objects in the rearview mirror really are closer than they appear or something.

The Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade From Dream Arcades is a home machine designed for driving simulators that includes a built-in kegerator and two taps, one in the trunk and one in the dash. The one in the dash sits above a cupholder too SO YOU CAN POUR BETWEEN TURNS. Hey, I'm not here to judge, I'm here to drink off your keg for free. We should order a pizza.

Other features include leather wrapping on the fully adjustable, force-feedback steering wheel and on the seat, metal gas, clutch, and brake pedals, a Full HD projector up front, an integrated gaming PC with 200 racing and arcade video games and PS3 connectivity for good measure

Damn, with the kegerator, "high end gaming PC" and HD projector you can almost justify the $5,995 pricetag. But what you can't justify is drinking and driving in real life, so don't do it folks. I don't care if you think you're the world's best driver, the woman behind you that's texting isn't. Try explaining that one to the cops.

Dream Arcades Product Site
Octane 120 Beer Arcade Machine [punjapit]

Thanks to Romeo, who agrees you don't need a fancy driving simulator just as long as you've got an imagination and a cardboard box big enough to sit in.

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