DON-8r: Another Dirty Panhandling Robot

April 12, 2011


Seen here being investigated by a group of parent-hating teens, DON-8r is a little donation-soliciting robot that looks like something I'd want to see how far I could kick. Basically he just sits around yelling in this grating robotic voice of his until you insert some change in the back back of his head. Then he rolls a couple feet, stops, and repeats at which point you either:

A) give him another dime to move a little further
B) give him a dollar coin hoping he'll drive himself all the way off the curb and into traffic or
C) tear his head off, empty the change bin into your pockets, and run like you just stole something because
D) you actually did just steal something -- and probably from children with disabilities! Hell's too good for you.

Hit the jump for a demonstration of the little money-grubber in action.


Thanks to Kyle, who once tried to feed the thing a washer with a string tied around it in an attempt to yank its head off. Well, how did it wo-- HOLY SHIT IS THAT A PEG-ARM?!

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