Doing It Wrong: Arcade Punching Game Fail

April 19, 2011


Seen here proving he's clearly lacking the eye of the tiger (or even the whiskers of a kitten), a guy punches an arcade punching bag so poorly Rocky just winced and shat a boxing glove. The video's only 46-seconds long, but you have to watch it to the end for the full fail effect. You know, it's really reasons like this that the internet was invented. This, porn, and stalking. That said, they used to have one of these machines at my local watering hole and I would get wasted and f***ing destroy it. Literally, one time I punched the bag so hard it came off. Then I wandered into the men's room looking for an empty stall to puke in and found a glory hole. "Uh, GW? Are you sure the hole wasn't at the bottom of a commode and you were trying to flush your wiener?" No, no I'm not. It did feel better when I pushed this little lever...

Hit the jump for 46-seconds of sadness.

Asians Are Awesome At The Punching Bag Game [barstoolu]

Thanks to Christian, who tried roundhouse kicking a punching game once but ended up catching a kid carrying two fist-fulls of prize-tickets in the face. God, please tell me you helped him instead of stealing all his tickets.
...Anytime now.

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