Damn Nature You Cray-Cray: Batman Crab

April 4, 2011


You're not fooling anybody!

Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to make it your desktop background.

In other 'animals that look like things' news, this is a crab casting a shadow that looks uncannily like the caped crusader (Batman, not the kid that runs around your neighborhood at night with a bedsheet tied around his neck). Except, instead of being filled with a sense of vigilante justice stemming from the senseless murder of his parents, he's filled with delicious crabmeat. "That's not the kind you eat, GW." WRONG -- I eat them all. You know how monkeys pick and eat ticks off each other? I do that with pubic crabs.

Batcrab! [reddit]

Thanks to Louis and dandy, who once used a homemade Bat-signal spotlight to trick a bunch of Batcrabs out of the ocean and onto the beach where they scooped them up with a bulldozer and boiled them in a kiddy pool.

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