Crashed UFO, Dead Alien Found In Russia

April 19, 2011


This is allegedly a video of a crashed UFO and dead alien from somewhere in Russia. "Why would an alien want to visit Russia?" Exactly. You should really consider a career in unsolved mysteries. "Really?!" F*** no, you're way too good at what you do now. "Pretending to work?" Yes -- look at you with your fake Excel spreadsheet open and everything! Anyway, I assume this is an attempt to send a lot of traffic to the conspiracy theory website they keep hocking the entire video. That or it's some viral turd for 'Men In Black 3'. Either way, that's not a real alien. Not a species I've ever seen before, and I've had all kinda space pervs digging around in my ass. One species even looks like the delivery guy from my taco place! "That was the delivery guy from your favorite taco place." You sure? Granted I was drunk but he was speaking some sort sort of jibberish. "That was Spanish." Me gusta mucho.

Hit the jump to get your conspiracy theory on.


Thanks to Shenanigans, Princess Yum Yum of the Delicious Kingdom, Marty, tittie twister, John, saehan and Gina, who aren't aliens but are outta this world.

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