CANNOT BE UNSEEN: Bert, Un-Muppeted

April 21, 2011


Bert, one-half of everyone's favorite homosexual Muppet couple (sorry, crotchety old bickering guys!) is seen here in a little too life-like silicon sculpture by artist and Effects Studio member Nacho (you're useless without cheese!). As you can see, he has a face that would send children running straight into traffic (and not zig-zagging like you're supposed to). Damn, somebody's gonna have nightmares tonight. And it's gonna be you. Get it? Because I'm gonna call right before bed and be all creepy!

You: Hello?
Me: I know where you are.
You: Is that you, GW?
Me: Uh, no, this is like a really scary serial killer. *tee-hee-hee*
You: I just heard you laugh.
Me: Oh that? That was a victim's last breath. *BRAP*
You: "And that?"
Me: That was a really squirty fart -- I had human-chili for dinner. God, you should f***ing smell this thing -- I wouldn't even need a knife.

Hit the jump for more terrifying than you can shake a stick at (GO FOR THE EYES!).





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Thanks to Darrin, who agree he looks like a little Ray Romano in him (I wouldn't be surprised either, dude's a freak).

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