Call Of Duty's 'Call Of The Dead' Trailer

April 27, 2011


If you haven't seen it already, this a video preview of the zombie portion of Call of Duty: Black Op's upcoming May 3rd DLC release 'Escalation', in the style of an exploitation film. That is all. Which, fun fact, is actually what 'amen' means. Kidding, amen means 'so be it'. It's true, I learned that at vacation bible school. Also, that I'm allergic to wine. Read: I turned red as a lobster and projectile vomited a box of communion wafers. What? They didn't give me enough lunch!

Hit the jump to get your hack-slash and shoot on.


Thanks to bryce, Kevin and luc, who aren't afraid of zombies because they've all volunteered at old folks' homes to get comfortable around freaky lookin' undead things.

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