Breaking Things: DIY Slingshot Gatling Gun

April 26, 2011


Remember the guy that built the machete-shooting slingshot? This is him. It's not a twin or just a brother that looks similar, it's actually the same guy. And now he's back with a steel ball-shooting slingshot Gatling gun. It looks pretty fierce. Granted not as fierce as the face I'm making right now, but people are always telling me I'm lion. "Not lion, you jackass -- lying". What?! THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS! No, even worse -- stabbing words. Look -- a street performer! *plunging deep into a kidney* HAHA, WHO'S THE LIAR NOW?! Get it?! Because you're lying there bleeding out.

Hit the jump for two videos, the second of which is slo-mo. Hey, I used to know a slow Moe in grade school! Dude ate paste like it was his job (it wasn't though is the thing -- he was supposed to be the blackboard wiper).


Thanks to the TOASTer (but not the microwave), krame, Alice and duncan, who once put pinballs on a railroad track hoping the train would flatten them but derailed fourteen cars instead. Woopsie doopsie.

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