Bluegrass Cover Of OG Super Mario Music

April 14, 2011


This is a video of the Cleverlys performing a cover of the iconic overworld theme (and a bit of the underworld one too!!!!11) from the original Super Mario game. It's okay. I'm mostly just posting this because the guy on the left looks like Colonel Sander's retarded younger brother. DAMMIT OTTO, DID YOU SPIT IN THE SECRET CHICKEN BATTER AGAIN?! Awh hell, I can't go gettin' mad at my own kin. Skinnydip by the railroad tracks?

Hit the jump to get your toe-tapping diddle-dandy on or something.


Thanks to Mike, who made sure to point out that at the end the blind guy playing the upright bass strokes it like a wiener. Thanks for that. Really.

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