Black-Market Bargains: Iffy 500GB Hard Drive

April 8, 2011


I'm no expert, but that definitely doesn't look like 'HDD Inside'.

Some Ruskie, in desperate need for a little extra hard drive space to store all his commie fetish porn, drove all the way to the Russian/Chinese border to pick up a 500GB black-market Samsung. This is what he got, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt sometimes you really do get what you pay for. The seller had rigged the 128MB flash drive inside to appear as a 500GB drive when plugged into a computer, and continually delete files imported to it to make it seem the transfer was successful. No word if he returned to get his money back, but if he did my guess is the truck was already gone.

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Thanks to Jake, who once bought a camel that turned out to just be a donkey with two sacks of coffee roped to its back. HAHA -- Juan Valdez pulls another fast one!

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