AT-AT For America: One Man's Plan To Build A Full-Scale, Functional Imperial Walker

April 12, 2011


Mike Koehler of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has made it his life's dream (having already gotten the 'married with three children' part of the dream out of the way) to build a full-size and fully functional (ha -- good luck with the MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannons!) Imperial AT-AT walker. Theeeeeeen stomp the shit out of the woods behind his house looking for leprechaun gold.

AT-AT for America is a crowdsourced project that aims to build, no fooling, a fully fuctional, full-scale model of an AT-AT Imperial Walker from The Empire Strikes Back. They've gotten preliminary approval from Kickstarter to make it happen, so it sounds like they just need some funding plus a bunch of engineers from Kuat Drive Yards, or failing that, an alliance of Earthlings with a level of mechanical expertise equaled only by their hardcore sci-fi geekiness.

In case you were wondering, an AT-AT stands nearly 75 feet tall and has a maximum speed of just under 40 mph (!). It can carry 1 ton of cargo, or up to 40 Imperial Storm Troopers.

40MPH?! Yeah f***ing right! I'm surprised those shrinky-dink legs even hold the things up, let alone gallop. No, I say you shoot for 20MPH. Oooooooor half a mill in donations before fleeing the country.

Hit the jump for the entire Battle of Hoth scene from the movie (to stick it to the man for a bit) with no 40MPH AT-ATs and a link to the official project page.

AT-AT for America (official project page)
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Thanks to Landon, pesh, Alexiz and Robert, who agree the best offense against a fully functional AT-AT is a strong defense length of T-47 Airspeeder tow-cable.

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