Another Day, Another Video Game Wedding Proposal: Borderlands Featuring Claptrap

April 25, 2011


This is another video game themed wedding proposal video created by Gearbox Software for "Borderlands' two biggest fans" Ben and Tora. What makes them the biggest Borderlands fans is beyond me, but it better involve regrettable tattoos or I'm gonna be pissed. Also, claim the tittle for myself. Ha -- did I just say tittle? *pointing at self* Titties on the mind, guilty as charged.

Anyway, Claptrap here tries hitting on Tora for awhile before finally giving up and asking if she'll marry Ben. But not before mentioning herpes and doing anal. Wow, now that's just f***ing dreamy. Butt-sess and STD's in a marriage proposal? I guess dreams really do come true! (Last night I dreamed I pissed the bed)

Hit the jump for two videos, the actual proposal video, and a video of Tora watching it in a roomful of screamers.

When Your Favorite Game Is Proposing Marriage, The Answer Is 'Yes' [kotaku]

Thanks to Sweater_Destroyer and Ickorus, who still propose marriage the old fashioned way: asking her dad's permission and trading him like twenty goats and a wagon.

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