Another Day, Another Star Trek Pr0n Parody

April 15, 2011


Oh right, because the Sex Files were sooooooooo good.

Because perverted Trekkies everywhere would be devastated if there wasn't an opportunity to watch a pornographic parody of every different Star Trek series, an adult version of The Next Generation is set for release early next month by smut-peddler Digital Sin. And speaking of digital sin -- *making love to my laptop's Bluray-disk tray* OW OW STOP IT'S TRYING TO EAT ME!

[The] DVD due in May will come with two disks, one regular version and one "party version". The "party" disk allows you to view the film without any of the adult content, with nothing in it above a PG-13 level. This means that Trek fans can watch the film just for the story, and in this case it is a story about the return of Tasha Yar. It even deals with the sci-fi/Star Trek concept of multiple universes.

Here is the official plot description:

While en route to Starbase 112, the Enterprise detects strange electromagnetic readings emanating from a barren M-Class planet. Upon further investigation, it is discovered that the source of energy is in fact a box containing Tasha Yar (India Summer), the long dead former Chief of Security of the ship, in cryosleep. Is she the real Tasha Yar? Is she a clone? Or is she something completely different?

Trekkies: the only fans willing to pay for a porno that includes a PG-13 bonus disk OF JUST THE STORY. Which -- $20 says it gets masturbated to more often.

Hit the jump for a couple more (clean) shots and the PG-13 trailer.





Watch Preview of Star Trek: The Next Generation Porn Parody [trekmovie]

Thanks to Irene, dave and Brandon, who refuse to watch pornographic parodies because they feel they cheapen the legacy of actual quality skin-flicks.

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