Amazon Recommends: Customers Who Bought A Miley Cyrus Love Doll Also Bought...

April 21, 2011


Note: Full-size version HERE. I did Photoshop the image to include all the interesting products on one page, but I didn't add any that weren't actually there.

So basically people that bought a Miley Cyrus love doll are exactly like you. Pfft, the Dragon Age strategy guide -- you ought to be ashamed. I forgive you though. Sooooooo -- wanna come over and watch Nightmare on Elm Street? Kidding, kidding -- you stay in your porn dungeon, freak. I can't have you coming over and touching things. Huh? NO ESPECIALLY NOT YOURSELF!

Amazon Product Site (probably NSFW on account of some of the other product suggestions AND THE FACT THAT ITS A SEX DOLL)

Thanks to Nathan, who tried to come up with some half-ass explanation about how he discovered this in the first place. *eyeroll*

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