A Comprehensive Chart Of Radiation Doses

April 12, 2011


Note: This isn't anywhere near the whole thing, click HERE to see it all AND GET READY TO GEIGERCOUNT.

I saw some other comprehensive guide to radiation dosage floating around the interwebs a few weeks ago but I never got around to posting it, so here's a different one. Hold on, let me find the first one and I'll post it too -- IN THE INTEREST OF FAIRNESS. Here, here's the other one. It's a lot more explanatory and complicated. I like this one because it's a simple triangle and reminds me of the food pyramid AND THINKING ABOUT FOOD MAKES ME HAPPY. There, I said it. The only thing annoying about both charts is that neither one mentions at what radiation level you start gaining superpowers. But from what I've gathered from reading comics I suspect it's in the 6,000 mSv range. *peeping chart* What is that -- like 2,000 mammograms back-to-back? Ugh. *smashing tits together* HIT ME AGAIN DOC -- I FELT A LUMP.

Radiation Dosage Chart [informationisbeautiful]
Radiation Dosage & Its Sources Explained [mashable]

Thanks to nathan and Carly, who try to keep their radiation levels to less than six bananas a day. Smart thinking -- more than three of those things and you're shitting Jello.

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